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Is your product eligible for sale on EWP?

As a EWP user, you should be careful that this process takes place within a legal framework when selling or purchasing products.

When listing any product; Banned products Products to look out for the product types listed under the main headings of products that may carry out legal violations should be examined very well.

Banned products

  • Airbag and equipment
  • Products whose trade is subject to government permission
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Firearms and knives
  • Military equipment
  • Live animal
  • Stolen goods, products with serial numbers removed
  • Listening devices
  • Human organs
  • Illegal and import-free products
  • Copy and non-banded products
  • Cultural and natural assets
  • Lock openers and lock openers
  • Promotional products
  • Pornographic ingredients
  • Radar detectors
  • Prescription drugs, lenses, products with indication information
  • Formal clothes and uniforms
  • Risky Transactions
  • Counterfeit or Replica products
  • Games of chance tickets
  • Radio and communion devices
  • Bulk e-mail address lists
  • TV decoders and encrypted broadcast solvers
  • Tobacco products & Electronic cigarettes
  • Drugs and tools for their use
  • Listings that do not have product qualifications
  • Flammable and explosive substances
  • Share, disambiguation, bonds
  • Banned publications
  • Veterinary Medical Products
  • Veterinary Medical Products
  • Electronic Skateboarding
  • Uncertified Seeds
  • Mass jewellery and bullion sales
  • Anti-Barking
  • Refurbished mobile phones and tablets
  • Openly sold pet food

Products that may infringe on the law

  • Contracts
  • Copyrighted products
  • Face photo, names and signatures
  • Games (unlicensed games no older than 5 years)
  • Software (Unlicensed software)
  • Registered products
  • Product from abroad by cargo
  • Products to look out for
  • Event tickets
  • Used clothing
  • Used cosmetics
  • Medical devices
  • Foodstuffs


When you detect a product sale of the nature specified in the above items, you can report this to EWP using the "Report" link on the product pages. The necessary examinations and evaluations will be made by our relevant units.

Alcoholic beverages

The sale of all kinds of alcoholic beverages, including vodka, beer, wine, champagne, and advertising and promotion of alcoholic beverages in any way is prohibited on EWP. The sale of any products containing and/or evoking the names, emblems or brands related to the products of companies operating in the alcoholic beverage industry is also prohibited in EWP.

Firearms and knives

All firearms, pepper spray (tear gas), electro-tasers, all military ammunition (bullets, grenades, Molotov cocktails, land-sea mines,.b etc.), all other firearms specially made for use in attack and defense are prohibited in EWP. Only fireless pistols and water guns used in Paintball (paint spraying) are allowed to be sold at EWP. At EWP, the sale of any type of silent knife, regardless of size, is prohibited. In addition to the susta knives, the sale of skewered canes, butchers, machetes, buns, knuckledusters, choke wire or chains, knuckledusters and corrugated knives is also prohibited. Wedges, daggers, bayonets and swords produced at least 50 years ago can be sold with collectible features. Used in preparing meals as a kitchen appliance; meat, fish, chicken, bread, cheese and vegetable cutting/chopping knives can be sold. The sale of swords used in fencing sports is also free.

Military equipment

The sale of all kinds of military-oriented combat weapons, bullets, any equipment used or used by the military institutions of the Republic of Turkey is prohibited in EWP. The sale of military equipment that is more than 50 years old and not covered by firearms is free.

Live animal

All kinds of live animals, including pets, fresh water and marine aquarium fish, are prohibited from sale on EWP. The sale of aquarium creatures such as moss, coral is free.
Share, disambiguation, bonds
Stocks of companies or organizations that are bonds, bonds and ongoing and/or traded on the stock exchange may not be sold on EWP.
With precious paper with collection feature, old stocks and bonds that have ceased to operate or have expired can be listed and sold in EWP.

Human organs

It is forbidden to sell human, human organs and body parts in EWP , (Examples of these banned products include organs, blood, bone, sperm)
It is free to sell skeletons, skulls that can be used in hair (including wigs or boots) and/or health care facilities.

Copy and non-banded products

The sale of any products reproduced without permission in Divx, MP3, AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMP formats is prohibited. Products sold in DVD or VCD format must be original registrations. Likewise, domestic or foreign music CDs or cassettes offered for sale on the site must also be original recordings.
However, it's not the first time that In accordance with FSEK and related legislation, it is mandatory to paste the bandrols to be taken from.C the Ministry of Culture and Tourism before entering commercial circulation with reproduced copies of music and cinema works, computer games and non-periodical publications, and non-periodical publications with conveyor materials such as cassettes, CDs, VCDs and DVDs in which the works, executions and productions to be taken are determined; Legal sanctions are applied against those who distribute, sell or, in any case, offer them to the benefit of others without receiving bandrol. In this respect, the sale of non-periodical publications and similar products such as cassettes, DVDs, VCDs, CDs and non-periodical products issued by the ministry is prohibited.

Cultural and natural assets

Within the scope of the Law no. 2863 on Cultural and Natural Assets; "Due to their importance in our national history, documents and items of historical value belonging to the National Struggle and the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, personal belonging to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, documents, books, writings and similar transports" are considered as movable cultural and natural assets that need to be protected.
First of all, I don't Within the scope of this law, it is classified and registered in accordance with the regulations "Regulation on The Classification, Registration and Admission of Movable Cultural and Natural Assets that need to be protected" in order to determine whether it is necessary to protect the movable cultural and natural assets mentioned above. Works that are classified and unregistered and do not deem necessary to be taken to museums are returned to their owners with a document. For this reason, the sale of undocumented works related to classification and registration is prohibited in EWP.
In addition, you can use the State Medal of Honor; State Medal of Pride; State Distinguished Service Medal; State War Medal and State Order; Order of the Republic; The sale of the Order of Merit in EWP is prohibited.

Promotional products

The sale of products that companies and institutions print, manufacture, distribute free of charge for gifts or promotional purposes is prohibited on EWP.

Pornographic content and adult-specific materials

Products described as pornographic material on EWP: 1. All materials that offer human genital organs for sexual activity,
2. Sexual activity material with the words "18 years of age and older" on it,
3. Visually, materials that promote the sexual activity of all kinds of creatures, including humans.

Whisker products as pornographic material in EWP:

1. VCD, DVD format films with bandrol from T.C. Ministry of Culture, 2. Sexually oriented materials that constitute a small or only certain section (not all) in the content of any catalog, book or publication, 3. Images used in artworks and collectibles (painting, sculpture, figure, postcard, magazine, etc.).

Radar detectors

The sale of any radar detectors that detect, operate or do not operate police radars is prohibited.

Prescription drugs, Lenses, Products with indication information

Any prescription drug is prohibited for sale on EWP, The sale of numbered glasses (except antique or collectible glasses), hearing aids and substances used to make prescription or over-the-counter medicines is prohibited. In addition, the sale of prescription drugs to pets is also prohibited.
In accordance with the Law no. 5193 on Optics; The sale of all kinds of lenses, numbered glasses glass and glasses frames is prohibited in EWP because the authority to sell numbered glasses glass, glasses frames, glasses assembly and all kinds of lenses has been given to optician practitioners who perform the profession of opticianship and the sale must take place under the name of optician institution within the framework of the license obtained from the highest health administration.
Advertisements and advertisements regarding the products are prohibited from containing misleading, inaccurate, incomplete and public health-disrupting information and especially statements that they prevent, treat or help treat disorders that are considered diseases and need to be treated, cure diseases and/or are drug-related.
Misleading health statements such as "anti-disease/therapeutic", "fat burner", "weight loss" and "sexual performance enhancer" should not be included for food and food supplement products.
Cosmetic products should not be promoted with health declarations that exceed the cosmetic definition as being "hair remover", "remove wrinkles", "remove blemishes", "heal wounds" or "regenerate cells".
The use of phrases such as "virus killer", "corona against virus" or products without biocidal product licenses should not be sold and promoted for disinfectant products.
Food supplements and cosmetic products should not be promoted with the words "Approved by the Ministry of Health".

Formal clothes and uniforms

The sale of uniforms, dresses, clothing and accessories allocated to the official use of a rank or public office or profession, such as police, police, soldiers, pilots, airlines and so on, is prohibited on EWP.

Counterfeit or replica products

Which products qualify as replicas or imitations?
Products that are not produced by the actual manufacturer and the brand owner or produced without their permission are replica/counterfeit products and are prohibited from being listed on EWP.
For example, if a Chanel sunglasses is produced outside of Chanel or elsewhere without the permission of the Chanel brand, this product is a replica/imitation product.
It is forbidden not to sell one-to-one or indistinguishable imitations of registered trademarks.

Gambling tickets/coupons

The sale of gambling tickets and coupons (lottery, sports toto, scratch-win, lottery.b, etc.) will be determined at a later date. However, the sale of past lottery, gambling tickets and coupons is free.

Tobacco products & electronic cigarettes

The sale of cigarettes, cigars and similar products, all kinds of tobacco and tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and electronic cigarette cartridges containing nicotine is prohibited in EWP.
The sale of any products containing and/or evoking the names, emblems or brands related to the companies operating in the tobacco products sector is also prohibited in EWP.
Tools for the use of pipes and pipes (excluding pipe tobacco) can be sold on EWP.

Listings that do not have product qualifications

All listing contents made in EWP must have product quality. All contents that do not carry the product quality, are not covered by the goods or services and are not intended to identify this goods and services are covered by the ban. In addition, the nature, scope, quantity, and all information that the buyer should know about the listed products should be included in the listing content.

Medical Devices

Businesses that will sell medical devices must be authorized in accordance with the relevant legislation and offer the sale of medical devices that can only be sold online on our platform.
1. According to the provisions of the Medical Device Sales, Advertising and Promotion Regulation (Regulation): Devices not registered with UTS cannot be sold by natural or legal persons by unauthorized persons.
2. Sales centers cannot sell devices that are not registered in the relevant registration and information management system (UTS).
In accordance with the regulation;
   (a) It's just that you can' devices sold, adapted or applied in hearing aid centers, bespoke prosthesis and orthosis centers, optiism institutions or dental prosthesis laboratories,
   (b) It is forbidden to sell devices that are intended to be used or implemented exclusively by health professionals or that require application in medical device sales centers, online addressed to the consumer.
   Above, the sale of medical devices that are not covered by 2. a ) and b ) is carried out online only by the sales centers authorized in accordance with this regulation or through their own websites.
3. Sales center authorization certificate is not sought for the sale of medical devices in Annex-3 of the Regulation online
Flammable and explosive substances
In accordance with the Statute on the Procedures and Principles of Production, Import, Transport, Storage, Storage, Sale, Use, Destruction, Inspection of Non-Monopoly Explosive Substances and The Like, EWP "The sale of explosives up to five kilograms gross, which is a means of play and entertainment with festive and flares, is free."

Why did my sale at EWP end early?

The Listing Rules section describes how to list and identify a product that is in question in the Sale in EWP. The sale of products that are not listed in accordance with these rules may be stopped by EWP. In this case, EWP notified the vendor by email that the listing has been terminated.
• If the sale you started on EWP ended early, your product;
• It's against the law.
• It is covered by EWP's Banned Products section.
• Infringes a third party's copyright, registered trademark or other legal right.
• Your listing does not comply with EWPs Listing Rules.

Veterinary medical products

The sale of veterinary medical products is prohibited in EWP.

Mass jewellery and bullion gold sales

Are prohibited in EWP for the sale and purchase of jewellery and gold bullion products of $ 650 or more at a time. Transactions will be canceled if unconstitutional listings and payments are detected.


The sale of all kinds of anti-barking products is prohibited in EWP.

Refurbished Mobile Phones and Tablets

In order for these products to be offered for sale in a way that has the quality of "Renewed product", it is necessary to certify and package them in accordance with the specified standards in the Renewal Centers. Sale of Refurbished Products Sellers who do not obtain a certificate of authorization or are not authorized by the Renewal Center in violation of the Regulation are prohibited from selling Renewed Products through the Platform and advertising and promoting the renewal of the product.

Open food sales

Outdoors, pet food is prohibited from being sold on EWP.


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