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Xolo Forever Minia Slim Face Make Up Remover Massager


Manufacturer / Brand: Xolo

£ 6.36

Product Information:
Reaching the entire face, around the nose, it cleans dead skin cells and blackheads.
Thanks to its silicone surface, you will have a smooth and beautiful skin with gentle massage and skin cleansing.
Sonic vibration technology provides an even skin formation.
 Stimulates blood circulation on the face.
Thanks to its waterproof body, it can be easily used and washed in the bath and shower.
Skin Cleansing Device
Charging Cable
Wet your brush.Apply the soap or cleaning gel to the area you will use.Set the device to the desired setting and massage with circular movements by pressing lightly on your skin.Use at the lowest level on sensitive areas of your face.A 5-minute cleaning will be enough. After washing your face with warm water, the process will be completed.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: China


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