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Xolo Digital Rechargeable Blackhead Remover with 4 Suction Head


Manufacturer / Brand: Xolo

£ 27.39

It has many features such as eliminating acne, providing softness on the skin, cleaning the skin pores, tightening the skin and vacuuming. All these features are applications that help beautification. Microcrystalline probes with more than one million natural mineral particles destroy the aging skin on the upper skin. In this way, the skin allows the pores of the skin to be opened and the pores are purified from dirt. After the care applications in the first stage, the application phase is started with the vacuum machine, which will make the skin soft and smooth. This device does not cause any irritation or injury to the skin. Vacuum face cleaning device is used to remove dirt that causes acne and blackheads. It is used to purify the pores of the skin from excess oil and dirt, and the skin becomes smoother and cleaner. It cleans the foreign materials on the skin. It is easy to clean and use. It is a basic facial care tool. It has 3 speed levels according to the usage area or skin type. You can control speed levels and charge level thanks to its digital display. Thanks to its 4 Heads, you can choose the most suitable head for your skin.The product is charged. Only the USB cable comes out of the box contents.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: China


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