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Vestel SC47001 Gray Static Vertical Refrigerator


Manufacturer / Brand: Vestel

£ 490.97

 Freezing Capacity:5.2
• Freezer Compartment Net Volume lt:113
 Freezer Compartment Star Number:4
 Number of Freezer Shelves:1
• Humidity Control Button:Yes
• Number of Refrigerator Compartment Shelves:4
General Features
• Volume (Lt):432
• Color:White
 Noise Level (dBA):41
• Product Type:Freezer-Top Static Refrigerator
 Annual Energy Consumption (kWh/Year):319
 Energy Class:F
• Depth (cm):54
 Width (cm):70
 Cooling Type:Static
• Height (cm):183
• Led Lighting:Yes
• Cooler Lighting Type:LED Lighting
• Refrigerator Compartment Net Volume (Lt):372
• Cooler Shelf Type:Durable Glass Shelf technology
• Changeable Door Opening Direction:Yes
• Humidity Control Button:Yes
• Automatic Temperature Control:Yes
• Tempered Glass Shelves (Shatter Resistant):Yes
• Turbo Fan:Yes
Turbo Fan:While the food on some shelves of your current refrigerator stays cold enough and maintains its freshness, does the food on the other shelves lose their freshness and deteriorate rapidly as they wait? This is due to the fact that the cold air is not distributed homogeneously inside your refrigerator. As such, you have to change the places of the foods in your fridge almost every day and subject them to an alternate cold weather attack. However, thanks to the turbo fan, you can leave this manual task in the difficult pages of history. The refrigerator with a turbo fan balances the cold by ensuring that the cold air is evenly distributed on all the shelves. So you're left with the job of simply placing them in the refrigerator to keep all your food safe and sound. In order to perform this function in the most correct way, it is enough to be careful not to cover the parts where the air inlets and outlets are located.
Icematic:A large family evening or a party at home is what they need most for your training. So much so that when you were overwhelmed, you even told what was said to one's own self as if it were. We would like to introduce you to the Vestel refrigerator "Buzmatik", which will save you from this trouble and is made of fast calves. Vestel, the pride of domestic production with its technologies that make life easier, develops the steammatic feature that will save you from this trouble in crowded and special evenings. These features, which are offered in an easier and faster way to pack glaciers that can be created with a simple simple rotatability, help you design how this will be designed.
Automatic Temperature Control:Although you think that bringing your refrigerator to a certain cold level is often enough, this situation is not as simple as it seems. The constantly changing temperature in your refrigerator can cause some of your foods to deteriorate faster and lose their flavor. Moreover, since the compressors are running all the time, causing excessive energy consumption, the cost of the bill is also included in this problem. Thanks to the automatic temperature control of your Vestel refrigerator; By measuring the indoor temperatures instantly, it will be able to adjust the temperature by itself according to the needs of the indoor environment, so it will be possible to save energy while your food is preserved in a safer and healthier way.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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