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Tullaa Rende Large Black Women's Hand Bag


Manufacturer / Brand: Tullaa

£ 188.38

100% Other
This bag is ethically produced with eco-friendly raw materials.
Every detail has been designed with care and attention with a sustainable understanding.
The designed production process and final appearance of the first image created aim to challenge today's ready-to-wear idea.
Produced with the unique knitting techniques of traditional Turkish women, this bag has a design language in which the unique value of handicraft is adopted and developed with a contemporary approach.
This bag marks an effortless, sustainable style
Tullaa is inspired by the unique beauty of each woman
The most exciting point when designing with this idea is; Each bag reflects the woman who knits it, being unique like the woman who owns it.
Paper thread is 100% natural paper
Plant-derived raw material, not chemically treated
Does not contain chemical dyes, AZO-FREE certified
Vegetal leather vegetable tanning; the most traditional way of tanning leather
Metal accessory: 100% zamak material
Made of gold and nickel plated
Does not contain carcinogenic substances
Color change over time is part of the natural process of the material.
Tonal differences are not a flaw but a feature of the natural material.
Avoid contact with water and oil-based substances
Protect from direct sunlight and moisture for a long time
Handle height: 21 cm
40x33x17 cm - Airpod case: 10x8x6 cm

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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