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Skechers W All Branded Vest S212023-043 with Personalized Adjustment Option


Manufacturer / Brand: Skechers

£ 155.28

It has 100% polyester content.
It is designed as a regular pattern.
It is stylish and very functional.
It is lightweight and keeps you warm.
It has water repellent properties.
It is suitable for use in four seasons.
Pocket detail is available.
Skechers W All Branded Vest women's vest will be indispensable for all seasons with its stylish design and ease of use! 100% polyester is used in the fabric content of the product and the fabric is water-repellent. Thanks to its water-repellent feature, you can continue your daily activities in rainy weather conditions. Skechers W All Branded Vest women's vest regular, which you can easily combine with your sweatshirts and t-shirts, is designed with a standard pattern and is very stylish and functional. It offers a personalized adjustment option with its full-length zipper detail extending to the neck. The entire surface of the Skechers W All Branded Vest women's vest is designed with Skechers' diamond logo, and thanks to its filled structure, it keeps your body warm by insulating it. It is specially designed for our consumers who want to complete their sporty style with elegance.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Albania


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