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Rode Vlogger Kit Universal Three-Position Tripod


Manufacturer / Brand: Rode

£ 341.04

Expand your online influence by capturing your vlogs, live streams, YouTube videos and social media posts with the Rode Vlogger Universal Kit, a complete package specifically designed for seamless, high-quality audio and video recording to any smartphone with a 3.5mm port.
General Features
For Smartphones with 3.5mm Port
Directional audio pickup to reduce background noise
MicroLED light offers over four hours of operation on a single charge
Three-position tripod for handheld or static use
All-metal mount with rubber grips for phones 65mm to 85mm wide
MicroLED Light Features:MicroLED is a compact rechargeable on-camera light. Ideal for vlogging, newsgathering, mobile filmmaking and documentary making. Adjustable Brightness. The MicroLED features a clip-on diffuser with four adjustable brightness settings and eight color filters. It is supplied via the USB Type-C charging port, which both charges the internal battery and can also power the light. Low brightness operating time is over four hours.The VideoMicro microphone is plug-in powered and has no controls or switches, making it a simple and reliable microphone ideal for filmmakers who cannot be slowed down by complex configuration. It also comes with a removable shock-absorbing suspension link that effectively reduces vibration and handling noise. Are you shooting outdoors? Attach the supplied noise canceling feather to the microphone to block out wind noise and get cleaner sound recordings.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Australia


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