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Robo Portable Remote Control Air Heater and Cooler


Manufacturer / Brand: Robo

£ 109.89

Robo Portable Remote-controlled Air Heater and Cooler
An invention that warms you in the winter and refreshes you in the summer.
It warms your home instantly with the effect of warm air in winter.
Thanks to its recirculation feature, it creates an air-conditioning effect in summer. Thanks to the air flow created by the accompanying ice molds, it makes your workplace and home ice cold.
*A++ low energy consumption.
*2 years warranty.
*Winter season use mode temperature +35 degrees.
*Summer use mode temperature +20 degrees.
* Heater, 3-stage speed, adjustable working time, cooling.
*Touch panel, remote control, water level window, 0.03, air purification filter, abs material, cooler ice molds, movable wheels.
*4 Seasons air conditioning.
*3-stage fan speed.
*Strong air flow.
*Automatic shutter swing.
*360 degree rotating wheels.
*Hidden design water level indicator
Water tank: 4 liters
Watts: 1000-2000
Fan speed: 1-2-3
Package dimensions: 31x28.5x62

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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