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Penti White Charmante Floral Designed Bra


Manufacturer / Brand: Penti

£ 122.68

Charmante Bra, the choice of women who change the game with its style, opens the doors of a fantastic world for you. It becomes one of the favorite pieces in your underwear drawer with the warm feeling that its light and soft texture evokes on your skin. Charmante Bra's cups with elegant stripes and large flower motifs that wrap around the breasts are breathtaking, revealing the beauty of your skin with bold window details. The adjustable straps, which extend to the shoulder in parallel strips and gain a thin form on the back, add an aesthetic touch to your style. The back band formed by thin strips gives you a much more striking look. Charmante Bra, Charmente String Panties and C, which reveal the natural beauty of your breasts with all their attractiveness thanks to its unsupported structure.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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