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Penti Black Mystere Thong Panties


Manufacturer / Brand: Penti

£ 15.23

If you want to set sail for a dazzling beauty with your assertive stance, now is the time to meet Mystere Thong Panties! Carrying the enchanting beauty of lace to your body, Mystere Thong Panties gives you the key to a more romantic style lace motifs.Step into a much bolder style with Penti Black Mystere Thong Panties! Ma Vie Privee Glorie String Panties blow your mind by enriching its mesh transparent fabric with floral embroidered patterns. Ma Vie Privee Glorie String Panties, which leave your hips completely free with its string cut, makes you the pioneer of a much more attractive and assertive style.Penti Black Mystere Thong Panties, which make a stylish touch to the beauty of your skin with flower motifs overflowing from its borders, crowns its style with its tiny windows on both sides. Ma Vie Privee Glorie String Panties, which bring your body together with comfort with the warm feeling of its soft fabric, makes you feel much more special with its organza pouch and special Ma Vie Privee packaging. Combining Penti Black Mystere Thong Pantieswhich brings a free stance to your body, with the Ma Vie Privee Glorie Babydoll, you can create the perfect look of your lines.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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