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Pasabahce Walking Stick Sultan Selim Collection Made with Kundekari Technique


Manufacturer / Brand: Pasabahce

£ 919.04

The cane is an elegant piece of Anatolia's magnificent woodworking tradition and craftsmanship that continues today. Whether emphasizing nobility, comradeship or becoming a collector's item, walking sticks continue to enrich our lives as decorative elements as well as a wide variety of materials, ornaments, accessories, colors, textures and functions. The walking stick aspires to be the symbolic gift and present symbol of the wishes of close friends for a long and good life and lasting friendships. We present the glass cane to our traditional art, which points to a new era and new horizons in the cane tradition with its tradition, craftsmanship, modern design, decorative and collection object approach.
The decorative walking stick, which is embroidered with patterns taken from a door of the Imaret Mosque of the Karamanoglu period, made with the kündekari technique, is decorated with gilding in all relief patterns; It is presented with the handicraft and mastery of Pasabahce.
Diameter : 18 cm
Height: 97 cm
Color/Pattern : gold
It is 100% handmade.
Product Origin : Turkey
Cleaning Suggestion: Wipe with a dry cloth.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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