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Pasabahce Sultan Fountain Vase Istanbul Collection


Manufacturer / Brand: Pasabahce

£ 791.53

The fountains that adorn the streets of Istanbul have a special place in the symbiosis culture. Fountains that meet the water needs of the houses and the fountains that meet the water needs of the passers-by are symbolic examples of the symbiosis consciousness at the core of Istanbul culture as benevolent structures.
During the Ottoman Empire, almost every sultan, every grand vizier or valide sultan had fountains and public fountains built as an indicator of the social and political power of the period.
III. Ahmed Fountain was built by Sultan III with the suggestion of Grand Vizier Damat İbrahim Pasha. It was built by Ahmed. Built in 1729, this fountain lacks the simplicity of the classical age. The entire surface of the fountain was decorated without leaving any space. In addition to the decorations belonging to the Turkish decorative art, motifs from Western European art also draw attention. The fountain has survived to the present day without much change with minor renovations.
The patterns on the Sultan Fountain Vase, III. The border in the Ahmed Fountain was designed with inspiration from the window and column details.
The Sultan Fountain Vase is produced from handmade glass and all the relief patterns on it are decorated by hand using platinum and antiquated paints.
Diameter : 31.2 cm
Height : 15 cm
It is 100% handmade.
Product Origin : Turkey
Cleaning Suggestion: Wipe with a dry cloth.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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