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Pasabahce Aspendos Bowl Decorated Using Tumbled and Stone Texture Techniques


Manufacturer / Brand: Pasabahce

£ 403.44

After the Trojan War, Aspendos, which was founded by the Argosians who came and settled in Pamphylia, which means "the region where people from different nations lived", is one of the first cities in the Pamphylia region to mint coins in its name. The city, BC. Warriors holding swords or spears are depicted on the first silver coins dated to the 5th and 4th centuries, and depictions of the legendary founder of the city and wild boar on the later coins. Aspendos, BC. At the end of the 5th century, the famous wrestler-type coins started to be minted, and two naked wrestlers and slingshot figures were frequently used. The depiction of wrestlers on the coins shows that wrestling is a popular and widespread sport in the city. From these scenes on the coins, information is obtained about the social and cultural structure of the city, and it is understood how old the oil wrestling competitions that are still held in and around Antalya today.
Aspendos Bowl, included in the Talking Coins “Coins Collection”; M.S. The most important structure of the city, which was built in the 2nd century, was designed with inspiration from the Roman Imperial Period theatre. The surface of the product is decorated using aging and stone texture techniques. In the body of the product, there are 8 coin scenes taken from the "talking coins" minted in various periods of Aspendos and adapted as a collage work.
The production of Aspendos Bowl is limited to 2000 pieces.
Diameter : 26 cm
Height : 11 cm
Product Origin : Turkey
Cleaning Suggestion: Wipe with a dry cloth.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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