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Nurgaz Forest Fireplace 7 kg 34x41 cm BBQ


Manufacturer / Brand: Nurgaz

£ 37.64

Starting a fire in nature can often be risky.
• It can light a fire with minimum risk thanks to the Forest Fireplace.
• You can benefit from the fire in the most efficient way.
• Since the air inlet will be homogeneous and continuous thanks to the patterns around it, your fuel will burn in the most efficient way.
• The animal and nature figures on it will show themselves when you light a fire at night and you will get a very beautiful view.
• If you wish, you can buy a separate grill attachment and use it as a BBQ.
• No folding feature
• Product Dimensions: 34 x 41 cm
• Product Weight: 7 kg

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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