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Nuna Black Leaf Home Nursery Cradle


Manufacturer / Brand: Nuna

£ 186.70

The production of the Nuna Leaf baby lap and home type baby lap with 100% organic cotton provides softness and lightness to the product. Among the fine details in its design, there is also the possibility of stopping or moving the baby's lap with a small movement.
Besides being a battery-free product, it offers a completely vibration-free and silent use. In this way, your baby will not be disturbed while sleeping.
The base part of the product is removable and provides convenience during travel and cleaning.
Babies can be easily fixed when it's time to eat, and having a safety system offers a different privilege.
Thanks to the stabilizing safety system, babies can be left in a high level of confidence when they are on their mother's lap.
These products, which use the most suitable materials for baby health, are light and can be easily transported from one place to another.
Although the product carrying capacity is shown as 28 kg, in practice it can reach a carrying capacity of up to 60 kg. This allows you to use the product as a normal seat after your baby grows up.
Product Dimensions: 45 cm x 71 cm x 72 cm
Product Weight: 4.75 kg
Age Range: 0 - 6 Years

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: China


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