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New Fissler Vitavit Comfort Pressure Cooker 6 Ltr 100% German production


Manufacturer / Brand: Fissler

£ 222.31

100% German production saves 70% time and 50% energy
As a result of overheating, the safety system activates, allowing the tire on the cover to fall and the excess pressure to be evacuated.
Position Assist: For correct positioning of the cover.
Lock Button: Allows you to see and hear that the door is properly locked. Therefore, there is absolutely no risk of explosion.
Pressure-free cooking: For gentle cooking without pressure. No need for an extra steamer.
Indicator System: Allows you to easily control the cooking process. Thanks to the energy-saving "CookStar" base, it can be used on all types of stoves, including induction. It provides ideal heat absorption, distribution and protection.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Germany


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