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Ledger Cryptosteel Gray Capsule Solo


Manufacturer / Brand: Ledger

£ 111.32

A solid steel capsule to protect your 24-word Recovery Phrase. Designed to resist extreme conditions.

Your Recovery Phrase is the only backup of your crypto assets. You can now keep it safe with the Cryptosteel Capsule. Add an extra layer of security by protecting your backup and experience ultimate resilience. 

Ultimate protection 
Your 24-word Recovery Phrase is the only backup of your private keys, which give you access to your crypto. You need to protect it and store it in a secure place

Easy to use 
Simply assemble your recovery phrase by sliding the first 4 letters of each word onto the core by using separators. Lock the Cryptosteel capsule and make sure to put it in a secure place to prevent it from being stolen or lost.

Long-lasting protection 
The Cryptosteel Capsule is made out of 303 and 304 grade stainless steel and offers a long-lasting and solid solution to protect your 24-word Recovery Phrase.

Fire, Water & Impact Resistant 
The Cryptosteel Capsule is fireproof up to 1400C/2500F. It is stainless, shockproof and waterproof up to a 150000N pressure.

100% stainless steel
Shell made of AISI 303
Core, separators, fasteners and character tiles made of AISI 304
1 Cryptosteel Capsule container,
1 Tile set (>800 tiles)


Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: France


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