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Korkmaz Mia Mega Turquoise/Chrome Blender Set


Manufacturer / Brand: Korkmaz

£ 117.79

Chopper Bowl Capacity: 1500 ml
Measuring Cup: 1000 ml
850 Watts
Heat resistant, stainless chopping blades, steel chopping rod and whisk
Chopping chamber with 1500 ml capacity
Beater bowl with 1000 ml capacity
Anti-slip sole
Two-stage speed adjustment
4 blades
Ease of washing
Mixing, whisking, chopping and grinding functions
Separation feature of body and grinder bar
Mia Mega Blender, with its gradual speed adjustment and heat-resistant stainless steel stir bar, will be your greatest assistant in chopping, mixing and grinding while preparing food in the kitchen.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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