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Karaca Inox Non-stick Plate Waffle Machine


Manufacturer / Brand: Karaca

£ 121.15

“Taste from you, to cook from Inox Waffle” How about cooking the unique Waffle flavor that can be applied to every taste and can meet all your sweet needs in a single serving, whenever you wish? Whether it's Belgian style, American style or classic... Cooking your favorite Waffle is much more comfortable and much more enjoyable with the Karaca Inox Waffle Machine. Waffle special for you, special technology for you After adding the Waffle mortar that you have prepared with care to the fireproof non-stick plate, you can adjust the temperature and monitor the cooking degree easily thanks to the illuminated display panel. Prepare your Waffle, which you can take out of fireproof, non-stick plates without falling apart, in the most special way and enjoy your unique dessert.
Size Height:12 cm/ Width:30 cm/ Height:33 cm/ Weight:2 kg

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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