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Kamerar SK-Pro Skater Mini Pro Camera Stand with Wheel


Manufacturer / Brand: Kamerar

£ 212.09

Camerar Skater Mini Pro is the perfect tool for creating smooth and dynamic video footage. An affordable dolly compatible with most cameras, the Skater Mini Pro has a smooth, fluid progressive motion that was previously only achievable with very large and expensive systems, and is extremely durable yet lightweight and portable.
The camerar Skater Mini Pro's skate wheel style wheels are extremely smooth to handle, thanks to their high-quality balls and flat surfaces. Angle-adjustable wheels allow the dolly to be dragged in a circle at a fixed angle. Wider or narrower turning diameters can be obtained by changing the positions of the axles with different holes on the dolly. Small circles will form when zoomed in and large circles will form when further apart.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: China


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