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Inca Gms 6x Fan Control Panel 2x USB 6 Stage Gaming Notebook Cooler


Manufacturer / Brand: Inca

£ 133.73

Inca Inc-601 Gms 6X Fan,Control Panel,2X Usb,6 Stage Gaming Notebook Cooler 7"-17
Designed for gamers, the INCA Gaming Notebook Cooler prevents your notebook from overheating by providing powerful airflow, high speed and full performance with 6 fans. It provides a unique atmosphere to your game with its premium materials and height-adjustable INC-601GMS red LEDs.
Enjoy your games with INCA INC-601 GMS without worrying about heating with your gaming notebooks.
How Does?
Thanks to the Inca INC-601 GMS 6 fan notebook cooler, you can adjust your fan speed from the control panel and enjoy smooth gaming.
Inca INC-601 GMS Gaming Notebook Cooler is here with a specially designed led control panel..
The LED control panel allows you to use the fans at the desired speed. You can operate 2 fans with F1 mode setting, 4 fans with F2 mode setting, and 6 fans with F3 mode setting at the same time.
With the 4-stage fan speed setting, you can either rotate your cooler at maximum speed, reduce it, or stop it completely and use it only as a stand at “0db” sound level, depending on your usage needs.
INCA Gaming Notebook Cooler provides ease of use with its 6-stage height adjustment. You can adjust the angle that suits your comfort according to your own wishes.
With the INCA INC-601GMS Super Quiet 6 Fan Notebook Cooler, your laptop will also have Dual USB ports. You will be able to increase the number of USBs without any extra expense with the USB 2.0 output located on the rear panel for easy access to the outputs.
Thanks to its unique anti-slip design, the INCA INC-601GMS Super Quiet 6 Fan Notebook Cooler, which has the feature of preventing slipping and fully gripping the body, works in harmony with all your 7'' and 17'' notebooks.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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