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Harry Potter Ron Weasley Wand


Manufacturer / Brand: Harry Potter

£ 75.61

Ron Weasley wand The Ollivander family is thought to have first started manufacturing wands in 382 BC. This tradition, which started with the ancestors of Garrick Ollivander, has been passed down from generation to generation since Roman times and has continued.
Each member of the Ollivander family has contributed something of their own to the work by continuing the family business. From ancient wizards to modern-day wizards, nearly all of England buys wands from the Ollivanders shop.
Ollivanders is recognized as the greatest wandmaker ever. In this way, it has great implications not only for wizards in England, but also for wizards all over the world. Attracting a lot of attention, Ollivanders occupies a very important place in the wizarding world.
The wands of the most important characters of the Wizarding World have been prepared for you, the fans of the series.
Product features
Size: 35.5×2.5
Material: Resin
Box Length: 42 Cm
Package: Special Boxed Packaging for Asa
Our products are Original, Warner Bros. Licensed Products.
All of our products are Original, Wizarding Word Licensed and invoiced.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: United Kingdom


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