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Fortinge PROC17-D-HB Conference Type Prompter 2 Pcs


Manufacturer / Brand: Fortinge

£ 6314.73

Prompter Software (Multi-Language Option)
Adjustable Glass Length and Angle
2 x High Quality Glass
17" Monitor - Composite, HDMI and VGA Input
2 x Industrial TFT LCD Panels
Automatic text converter feature (Flip/Mirror) on the LCD Panel
Resolution 1280x1024
LCD Brightness 1000 cd/m²
160° Viewing Angle
1:2 HDMI Splitter
2 x HDMI Cable (5 m.)
2 x Portable Wheeled Metal Bag
Now speaking fluently and effectively in front of the camera is not difficult with Fortinge Prompter varieties. If you want to have a comfortable and fluent speech like the announcers without getting excited while speaking in front of the public, it means it's time to meet and use prompter products.Studio prompters for studios, conference prompters for meeting and conference rooms are produced in different inch screen sizes, with hdmi or sdi output and different screen brightnesses, according to every budget and usage area.You can support your presentation by transferring the camera image or another image to the screen with the Talent Monitor, which is optionally connected to the studio prompters.
 Prompters consist of a monitor placed under the camera and a beam splitter glass screen placed between the camera and monitor. Text or images from the monitor are projected onto the person taking the shot (for example, a server) through the glass in front of the camera. As the shooter reads these notes through the reflective glass, their eyes are directed towards the camera's lens, giving the audience the impression that the speech was made by heart. In this way, the presenter in front of the camera makes an effective and fluid presentation.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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