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Feelworld Livepro L1 Switcher Video Mixer


Manufacturer / Brand: Feelworld

£ 942.44


LIVEPRO L1, 4 CH HDMI input and 1 HDMI output, First lamp 1080p. There is a USB 3.0 for live. Also LAN connection center for control and; having 2 inputs, one for audio and one for output. All of this affects creating professional multi-camera productions. Anyone like OBS can stream live via their live software to any live streaming platform from 4 HDMI inputs. You can live stream 4 high-quality video camera inputs for more footage from urban installations in just LIVEPRO L1. Or a computer case for PowerPoint slides or game consoles.
LIVEPRO L1 has an elegant and compact control panel. The 4 buttons are for selecting input signals, green flashing means the signal is selected, then switch the T-Bar, the selected signal will be displayed on the screen smoothly, the green button will turn red after switching. Menu button is for menu setting, SW button is for selecting different functions such as mixing, scaling, transition time setting and other functions. Left button is for volume control, right button is for menu setting. We can preview 4 HDMI signals from TFT screen and adjust menu settings easily.
• When you select the T-Bar to change signal sources or transition effects, the T-Bar must be pushed to either the left end or the right end. When using the menu operation, T-BAR must also be at the left end or right end, otherwise it cannot be operated.
• When you want to connect or embed audio, you must first select the external or embedded audio source in the "SOUND" menu. 


Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: China


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