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Feelworld FW-732 7 inch HD Monitor


Manufacturer / Brand: Feelworld

£ 176.38

FPV monitor is a medium size 7" display with super bright LCD and 5.8GHz 40CH diversity receiver, DVR and built-in rechargeable battery. Perfect choice for your FPV monitor or as a secondary replacement screen for your friends to watch. 600cd/m² need a bright screen It's pretty bright for outdoor applications you've heard of, and the included sunshade helps keep unwanted light away from the screen, reducing glare. The built-in DVR makes it easy to record your flights at the touch of a button, and the integrated rechargeable battery keeps your FPV grounstation compact and easy to use. Easily watch your DVR images directly from the monitor

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: United States


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