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Feelworld FPV732 PVR 7 inch HD Monitor


Manufacturer / Brand: Feelworld

£ 176.38

FPV monitor is a medium size 7" display with super bright LCD and 5.8GHz 40CH diversity receiver, DVR and built-in rechargeable battery. Perfect choice for your FPV monitor or as a secondary replacement screen for your friends to watch. 600cd/m² need a bright screen It's pretty bright for outdoor applications you've heard of, and the included sunshade helps keep unwanted light away from the screen, reducing glare. The built-in DVR makes it easy to record your flights at the touch of a button, and the integrated rechargeable battery keeps your FPV grounstation compact and easy to use. Easily watch your DVR images directly from the monitor.This monitor will not go to blue or black screen when the video signal is lost or static.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: United States


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