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Fakir Veyron Turbo XL Premium Bagless Dry Vacuum Cleaner Rosie


Manufacturer / Brand: Fakir

£ 446.61

Vacuum cleaner technology appears to the user in different dimensions every day. One of the most innovative and advanced versions of these dimensions is the Fakir Veyron Turbo XL Premium Bagless Dry Vacuum Cleaner. Veyron Turbo XL allows its users to get more efficiency from cleaning with its advanced features. The product, which draws attention with its easy-to-use features, offers superior cleaning power for different floors thanks to its various apparatus. Equipped with HEPA filter technology, Veyron Turbo XL comes into your life with all the other features and more than you expect from a vacuum cleaner. Features That Provide Unique Suction Power The Veyron Turbo XL Bagless Duster brings the suction power to the highest level thanks to its features. The product, which always keeps its power at the top thanks to its engine performance and does not allow its performance to decrease, helps to keep the performance at the top with its other extra features. Cyclone Technology Thanks to the Cyclone technology, Veyron Turbo XL deeply cleans and traps all dust particles both on the ground and in the air. These dusts are trapped in the chamber and are not reintroduced into the air. Thus, the air of your home becomes clean and fresh, as does the floor. This feature, also known as cyclone technology, introduces you to the best of hygiene. HEPA 13 Filter Being a highly efficient particulate filter, the HEPA 13 filter cleans airborne dust as well as bacteria, viruses, toxic dust and allergic substances such as pollen. Thus, a healthy home environment is created. Thanks to the HEPA 13 filter, dust does not occur due to the use of vacuum cleaner in your home and the people around you are not disturbed by vacuum cleaner dust. Ease of Use It is important for a vacuum to be easy to use as well as its superior suction power. This does not make the user tired of cleaning and makes the cleaning process more enjoyable and practical. Veyron Turbo XL Bagless Vacuum Cleaner meets this expectation of users in the best way with its various features.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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