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Fakir Veyron Premium Limited Edition Dust Bagless Vacuum Cleaner


Manufacturer / Brand: Fakir

£ 463.86

Dusting your carpets and upholstery is a tiring process. You may not be able to get rid of all the dust that can cause flare-ups of allergies or other respiratory problems. To overcome these problems, your best bet is to use a vacuum cleaner. Unlike vacuum cleaners with bags, vacuum cleaners with dust bins make it much easier for you to clean the accumulated dust. Fakir is a famous manufacturer of various household appliances that make life easier. Fakir's Veyron Premium Limited Edition bagless vacuum cleaner makes your daily housework very easy. It is equipped with various features that allow easy cleaning on different surfaces and sensitively clean dirt in hard-to-reach areas. Make Cleaning a Breeze with the Veyron Premium Limited Edition Vacuum Cleaner The Veyron Premium Limited Edition Vacuum Cleaner allows you to control the speed of the appliance by using the motor power setting on the body of the appliance. Its dust collection performance on hard floors, its performance on carpet or upholstery and its 2-liter dust chamber volume make it the perfect cleaning companion. Equipped with controlled noise levels that operate at just 70 decibels, you don't have to worry about daily cleaning. Get Rid of Dirt with High Suction Power Fakir's Veyron Premium Limited Edition Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with cyclone technology for increased suction power. This technology allows the machine to filter and collect dust from the air. In this way, you can effectively get rid of the clump of stubborn dust particles. With the vertical and horizontal parking feature, it is now very easy to navigate and clean your home. Keep your environment clean and germ-free without using liquid detergents. Fakir's Veyron Premium Limited Edition vacuum cleaner features a HEPA 13 filter with high-density fibers that filter out major disease-causing pathogens. In addition, the cleaning turbo brush helps to collect dirt and debris. Clean Hard-to-Reach Areas with Ease Using the included 3-in-1 tool that lets you clean three different types of surfaces, you can pick up stubborn dirt and debris from hard-to-reach areas. It comes with a flexible telescopic vacuum hose that allows you to cover wider and higher areas while cleaning. You can also use the vacuum cleaner in larger areas without the need to find another outlet, thanks to the appliance's five-metre power cord. The dust bin can store up to 2.5 liters of accumulated dust, allowing you to clean longer. You can also easily see when you need to empty the dust bin, as the LED light will turn from blue to red when the bin is full. With the Veyron Premium Limited Edition Vacuum Cleaner, you can make your carpets, floors, window sills and upholstery look brand new! Its bagless operation will help you dispose of dust and debris more effectively and efficiently. Clean floors hassle-free with a limited edition European-made floor nozzle. It's time for your home to shine thanks to Fakir's Veyron Premium Limited Edition Bagless Vacuum Cleaner.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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