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EWP Tote Bag


Manufacturer / Brand: EWP

£ 16.94

A special design that you can use on the beach, on the street, in shopping, in short, everywhere. Italian Angemiel is designed to complete the missing piece of your unique style. At the same time all over the World Standard handle length is 69 cm Raw cloth is made of 140 gr/m2 fabric. Size: 35x40 New Generation Organic Paints Completely organic, certified, imported, water-based pigment paints that do not contain any substances harmful to human health are used. Our Breathable Printing Method applies the dye directly to the fabric. Thus, in addition to providing a natural appearance, unlike other printing methods, printing does not change the quality of the fabric and harden the fabric, on the contrary, it stretches with the fabric and allows it to breathe. Extends the life of the print. Persistence and Color Vividness Our prints integrate with the fabric, do not fall apart or spill as in other printing methods. Colors appear natural and vivid, do not shine like unhealthy plastic-based paints. Eye-catching Details Our printing machines, produced with the latest technology, apply the dye to the products as microscopic dots and produce unrivaled results in the printing details.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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