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EWP Tasseled Chair Swing 150x60 cm Beige


Manufacturer / Brand: EWP

£ 55.65

Product features
Material/Material: Rope / Wood
Size: 150x60 cm
• Color: Beige
• Diameter: 60 cm
• Height: 150 cm
• Swing board distance: 100 cm
• Fabric 100% polyester
• Height with rope: 250 cm
• A product that you can always have in your car at home, in the garden or at a picnic.
• It has a pulling capacity of 100 kg.
• You can use the swing at home and outside. The steel dowel supplied to hang the swing is very strong and durable.
Product Content
• 1 piece of 10 rope (You can adjust the ceiling-floor distance with the rope.)
• 1 swing
• 1 carabiner (hook)
Installation Information
• The product comes fully installed. Drill a hole in the ceiling (for concrete ceilings) to the size of the supplied steel dowel. Drive the steel dowel into the hole drilled in the ceiling and tighten the nut under the steel dowel all the way. After making sure of its stability, attach the carabiner hook attached to the swing to the steel dowel. That is all! You can swing it with pleasure, you can use it at picnics and in the garden. For this, you can use the carabiner hook by attaching it to the rope we send to a place you want.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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      by K.M on 6/5/2022 12:00:00 AM Verified Purchase

      Bought to put on my balcony. It's a really comfortable swing.