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EWP Maxilife Pasta and Noodle Making Machine Easy-to-use Stainless Steel


Manufacturer / Brand: EWP

£ 231.49

You can easily prepare pasta types and spaghetti at home from Italy, which is world-famous for its pasta.
easy-to-use stainless steel pasta machine
You can make both noodles and plain spaghetti with this machine.
The thin spaghetti pasta knife consists of a thick spaghetti pasta knife and a thinner roller.
1.5 mm thick spaghetti type pasta can be prepared with thin spaghetti knives.
With the thick spaghetti blades, you can make 6 mm thick spaghetti-noodles.
Its rollers made of stainless steel are 15 cm wide.
The roller can also be used for thinning dough.
Two-sided use, flat roller and Spaghetti
Fix the machine to the table using the special vise and insert the lever into the hole of the cylinders.
When the machine is to be used for the first time, it is necessary to clean it with a dry cloth to remove excess oil.
To clean the rollers, pass a small amount of dough between them, which should be discarded later.
Roller and is fixed on the blades.
Elegant and Versatile, Stainless Steel Noodles and Pasta Slicer
2 Blades, Thick (6 mm) and Thin (1.5mm) Noodles Pasta Cutting Machine
Thickness Regulator with 10 Adjustments: From 4.8 mm to 0.6 mm
Materials: Chromed Steel Body,Anodized Aluminum Alloy Cylinders
Ingredients; Displacement Regulator, Clamp for Fixing Machine to Table, Crank
Do Not Wash In The Dishwasher! Do Not Clean With Metal Objects. Clean with a Brush or Toothpick..
Pastas you can make with the product:
Maintenance of the Machine Remove the dough residues with a wooden spatula after use.
During use, occasionally clean the scrapers under the flat rollers with a piece of kitchen paper.
Never wash the machine with water or in the dishwasher!
Use a brush and a wooden stick to clean the machine after use.
If necessary, drip a few drops of petroleum jelly on the ends of the cutting rollers.
Do not run knives or kitchen rags between the rollers.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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