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e&e Mother Womb Baby Bed 60x120 cm


Manufacturer / Brand: e&e

£ 45.49

So that the little ones can sleep soundly!
Growth hormone, which is necessary for your baby to grow and develop, is secreted during sleep. This is why our elders always say, 'Sleep and grow up'. At first, your baby will spend most of the day sleeping. He will only sleep and feed, without the concept of day and night. When you consider the great impact of sleep on your baby's development and health, you will see that you need to choose and arrange the environment and furniture very well. With the right mattress you choose for your baby, you can positively affect his sleep duration and quality. A sound and productive sleep depends on the comfort and convenience of your baby's bed.
Dimensions: 60x120 cm

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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