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Defacto Ultra Light Waist Bag with Extra Eyes


Manufacturer / Brand: Defacto

£ 14.67

About product
You can use the adjustable waist strap, zipper closure, wide-eyed waist bag to provide a more dynamic look in your daily style and sports combinations. DeFacto Men's Ultra Light Waist Bag with Extra Eyes, which will make you look stylish while allowing you to carry your belongings comfortably with you with its stylish and ergonomic design, will be indispensable with its simplicity and ease of use!
Bag size: 3*17*11 cm.
Product Information
Model's Measurements: Height: 1.9 Bust: 95 Waist: 73 Hips: 96
Sample Size: STD
Polyester 100% Men's Bag
Ultra Light Waist Bag with Extra Eyes
Product Dimension: 6*30*16
Main Group : Accessories

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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