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Commlite CS-VD1 Camera Stand with Wheel


Manufacturer / Brand: Commlite

£ 149.48

The rail car Dolly Skater comes with hollow design, the wheel is 6cm in size and 2cm in thickness, wrapped with anti-shake flexible adhesive, making the image stable and without shaking. Meanwhile, it will not change the direction of the shooting path, it can be adjusted with any direction of the shooting angle, or 45° from the left or right to continue. It can install with Ball-head and Support, Ball-head, Hot-shoe, to make it easier to work with more videos. etc. Ability to design using 5 1/4 screws and 36cm dolly panel length, suitable for mounting with accessories such as: video LED lighting, Cameras, LCD monitor, Microphones, etc.
1. Super quiet
2. Full sliding, non-swaying
3. Changing the glass-slider table top
4. Being able to move perfectly for shooting after adjusting the front or back angle
5. Weight loading up to 20kg
6. The elongated design is suitable for professional DSLR cameras or cameras such as 5D Mark ii, 7D or 60D.
Material: Aluminum alloy, Silica gel
Dolly panel length: 360mm
Wheel diameter: 63mm
Loading weight: 20Kg
Weight: 610g

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: China


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