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Arnica Tulip Fully Automatic Curling Iron


Manufacturer / Brand: Arnica

£ 201.71

Arnica Tulip Fully Automatic Curling Iron
It is very easy and practical to have perfect curls with the Arnica Lüle Fully Automatic Curling Iron. Unlike the classic curling iron models, the convenience of automatically curling your hair will save you time.
Lule Fully Automatic Hair Curling Iron, nano titanium curling zone specially prepared for you to make smooth curls, allows you to get a smoother result while doing your curls. Moreover, the heating system is ready in just seconds. The fact that all parts related to rotation and heating are covered with special heat-resistant materials prevents your hand from coming into contact with heat while doing this and offers you a safe use.
The product, which is among the Arnica curling irons, prevents your hair from getting electrified thanks to its ionic technology and removes the static electricity in your hair. The 35-watt curling iron, with its 360-degree swivel cord, makes it possible to move it comfortably. It also allows you to set the temperature, curling direction and time setting as you wish with the buttons on it. Thanks to the large LED screen and digital instrument panel, you can easily see your settings.
You can buy the Fully Automatic Hair Curling Iron with 3 years warranty, 9 months installment opportunity and free shipping, and you can enjoy making your curls easily and practically.
Technicial Specifications
• 35W
• 360° rotatable cable
• Digital instrument panel
• Ultra fast powerful heating system ready in seconds
• Nano Titanium curling chamber for smooth curling
• Precise shaping
• Microchip control time 5-15 seconds
• Large LED display
• Heat adjustment buttons, curling direction, time adjustment
• On/Off button
• With its ionic technology, it prevents your hair from getting electrified and takes away the static energy in the hair.
• Parts related to turning and heating are covered with special heat-resistant material so that hands do not come into contact with heat

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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