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Arnica Presso 3322 Citrus Juicer 40 Watt


Manufacturer / Brand: Arnica

£ 169.79

Arnica Presso 3322 Citrus Juicer
Helping you to prepare fresh fruit juice at any time of the day, Arnica Presso 3322 Citrus Juicer takes its place in your kitchen with its useful and stylish design.
Presso 3322 Citrus Juicer, which offers great convenience in squeezing citrus products such as oranges, lemons, tangerines and grapefruit, draws attention with its ergonomic handle design that can be easily grasped. The model, which allows you to see the fruits you squeeze with its transparent reservoir, has a maximum capacity of 1 liter. The mouth design, which can transfer the juice accumulated in the reservoir to glasses and other containers easily and without spilling it, provides comfortable use.
Working with 40 watts of electrical power, the device's 2 different size squeezing heads facilitate the squeezing process according to the type and size of the fruit. With its cable winding slot, it allows the device to be stored in the kitchen without creating a mess when not in use. Juicers and other small household appliances, which reflect Arnica quality as well as design elegance, add joy to your kitchens.
You can add the Black Color Presso 3322 Citrus Juicer model to your product cart and order it, and you can buy it with Arnica assurance, free shipping and the advantage of paying up to 9 installments.
Technicial Specifications
• 40 W
• Cable winding slot
• Juice spout
• 2 different size crimping heads
• Maximum capacity 1lt.
• Protective cover and easy cleaning feature

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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