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Arnica Mira Hair Straightener 45 W 360°


Manufacturer / Brand: Arnica

£ 151.73

Arnica Mira Hair Straightener
Arnica Mira Hair Straightener, which is among the personal care products, impresses with its sensitive and fast styling feature.
The product, which prevents your hair from getting electrified with ion technology, allows you to have straight hair in a short time. The model, which gives your hair silky softness and shine, does not harm the hair structure, thanks to its ceramic coated heating plates.
Arnica Mira, which has 45 Watts of power, can be used more comfortably and safely with its digital instrument panel. The user panel, where the heat increase, decrease and power button buttons are located, can be easily reached even when the product is turned on. The straightening process is completed in a short time and professionally, as the ceramic parts, which provide equal and balanced heat distribution, can shape the hair in tufts.
Mira Hair Straightener, which comes with functional usage features, provides convenience during use with its 360-degree swivel cord and body structure that is easy to hold in the palm. Since the ceramic heating surfaces are surrounded by high-temperature resistant materials, the temperature does not reach your hand. The locking latch, on the other hand, allows you to straighten the hair without any extra effort after taking the hair into the tongs.
Technicial Specifications
• 45 W
• Heating plate
• Digital instrument panel
• Ceramic coated heating plates
• Locking latch
• 360° swivel cord

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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