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Arnica Charisma EB261 Male Black Grooming Set


Manufacturer / Brand: Arnica

£ 174.65

Arnica Charisma EB261 Male Grooming Set
Arnica Charisma EB261 Male Grooming Set with state-of-the-art features; gives you the best experience in male care.
The set consisting of the products necessary for men's care; It is always with you with its practical use of wireless. Charisma EB261 Men's Grooming Set, where you can perform all shaving operations such as hair, beard, nose - ear hair; It stands out with its stainless steel blades. In the maintenance kit, where you can perform many operations at the same time; There are auxiliary products such as detail knives and measuring combs.
Head types such as cutting head, shaving head, precision cutting head, nose clipping head, beard trimming head are also included in the set. In addition, 4 connection combs of different sizes for the beard trimming head and comb for the clipper head, cleaning brush, adapter and charging base are among the model parts, making your care easier. With the rechargeable multi-functional hair clipper, it is possible to perform many operations such as clipping and shaving with the same product.
You can buy the EB261 Male Grooming Set model in black, which you can carry with you easily with its cordless use and always protect your charisma, by adding it to your cart.
Technicial Specifications
• Nose hair tip and shaving
• Detail knives
• impression combs
• Rechargeable multifunctional hair clipper
• Cutting head
• Shaving head
• Precision cutting head
• Nose/Ear trimmer head
• Beard trimming head
• Wireless use
• Stainless steel blades
• 4x attachment combs (3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm) for the beard trimmer head, 1x comb for the trimmer head, 1x cleaning brush, 1x adapter and 1x charging pad

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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