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Arnica Alize Pro Hair Dryer 2200 Watts


Manufacturer / Brand: Arnica

£ 114.69

Alize Pro Hair Dryer
Arnica brand, which designs products that make a difference with the goal of high level of satisfaction, offers fast and practical solutions for hair styling with the Arnica Alize Pro hair dryer. The professional blow dryer helps you to dry your hair faster and to achieve special hair styles such as flat blow-dry. The diffuser head, which is designed to give volume, increases the natural curl effect by highlighting the light or intense waves in your hair.
The Pro hair dryer allows you to quickly dry and style your hair thanks to its powerful 2200 Watt motor. The 3 heat and 2 step speed settings on the device aim to increase the quality and permanence of the hairstyle. The blow dryer button with cold shock effect helps you to do professional styling, and makes it possible to keep the shape intact for a longer time. The ergonomic structure, which draws attention in the design of the device, allows you to shape your hair at different angles by providing an easy grip. The hanging loop on the body helps you easily hang the product at any possible point.
Alize Pro hair dryer, which gives you the experience of styling your precious hair with pleasure thanks to its ergonomic and functional structure, is offered for sale with a glossy black color option. With Arnica quality, you can add a functional product with a 3-year warranty, easy and practical use, to your cart.
Technicial Specifications
• 2200 Watts
• Professional AC motor
• 3 heat, 2 speed settings
• Cold air blowing feature
• Diffuser that revives natural waves
• Professional blow dryer
• Practical hanging loop
• Color option : Black

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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