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Arnica Alize Mini Hair Dryer 2-Levels


Manufacturer / Brand: Arnica

£ 31.91

Arnica Alize Mini Hair Dryer White
While Arnica Alize Mini Hair Dryer White provides ease of carrying during your travels with its small dimensions, it does not compromise on high Arnica capacity with its 1250 W motor power. The product, which has 2 different speed levels, offers easy use during drying and styling with its removable head.
Arnica, which always designs its products according to demand and need, comes up with a product that is produced for expectations. With the Alize Mini Hair Dryer White, which offers the opportunity to dry and style your hair in a healthy way with its changeable heat setting, you have everything you expect from a hair dryer.
High engine power, heat and speed control, stylish design and 3-year warranty with the indispensable Arnica assurance; crowned with mini size. The Alize Mini Hair Dryer, which is produced in sizes that will provide ease of organization in your bathroom cabinets and save space in your suitcase, with pink detail and white color, provides ease of payment up to 9 installments besides its affordable price.
Technicial Specifications
• Mini Hair Dryer
• 1250 W
• 2 different speed levels
• 2 different heat settings
• Drying head
• Air filter
• Color option: Black Rose, White Rose

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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