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Robo Big Chef Mixer Multifunctional Use Ultra Quite


Manufacturer / Brand: Robo

£ 208.68

Dough hook: Perfect for kneading bread and pizza dough. By imitating the kneading movements of human hands, it allows you to obtain the dough in full consistency.
Balloon Beater: 12 Wire stainless steel balloon beater. You can easily whisk delicate ingredients such as egg whites and butter.
Quick-whipped sauces, egg foams, whipped cream. It is very easy to prepare cake and cookie mixes.
Balloon mixer: The balloon mixer that will make your life easier, from mashed potatoes to ground beef, great mix salads and mayonnaise.
Multifunctional use.
6 Step speed control.
Tilt lock.
Does not take up space.
Ultra quiet.
304 Stainless steel boat.
Powerful Engine. Capacity: 5L. Power: 220W, Speed:6

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: United Kingdom


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