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Penti Black Vue Chain Detailed Bra


Manufacturer / Brand: Penti

£ 81.36

Penti Black Vue Chain Detailed  Bra raises its attractiveness to the top with its impressive and bold detailsPenti Black Vue Chain Detailed  Bra which makes an aesthetic touch to its style with embroideries overflowing from its borders, reveals all the beauty of your skin with its polka dot transparent fabric. Strap details extending from the straps, which are animated by frilly tulle, to the middle of the chest, give you a striking decollete. The unfilled structure of the Rever Bra, which takes the most suitable form for your body thanks to its adjustable straps, reveals the natural beauty of your breasts. Rever Bra promises perfect comfort all day long with its soft and light texture. If you wish, you can create a dazzling set by combining Rever Bra and Rever String Panties.

Manufacturer / Brand:
Contry of Origin: Turkey


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